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Miniature Fairy Doors | by Jonathan Wright

All this magic began for Jonathan Wright, children’s book author and founder of Urban Fairies Operations, when he decided to install some miniature ‘fairy doors’ in various corners around his house, much to the delight and surprise of his young kids. Soon after, he decided to take the tiny doors public for all to enjoy, at various establishments around the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

If you open these doors, you can glimpse the intricately designed interiors, complete with stairways and miniature furniture inside. The first public door was built at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea in 2005. Peering into its window, you could spot a table and chairs, a newspaper.. even cups of coffee (fairies need their boost, too)! Now, this initiative has extended from the city’s local theatre, shoe shop and bakery, all the way to the Google offices, where the fairies “Giggle”.

My favourites of the entire collection include the latest wing at C.S.Mott Children’s Hospital, ‘Wing Wing’, and the space built into a row of books at the public library. The windows in each book peer into the tiny fairy reading nook inside, with its very own wing-backed fairy armchair (armchair with a hole in the back to let the wings out haha)!


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